Invisible Hairdo humanhair Extension 58 cm – straight or wavy


Long and full hair is the dream of many women.

If your natural hair is not long or dense enough for you, there is an easy way to change that: the high-quality human hair extensions from Hairdo.

The extensions have a length of 58 cm and are available in two versions: wavy or straight (the hairpiece is delivered smooth and can be curled by brushing and blow-drying).

You also have 4 different hair colors to choose from, from which you can choose the one that best suits your hair. Whether dark brown, Palestine blonde, ginger blonde or buttered toast - all the hair colors offered are very natural and fit seamlessly into your own hair. Thanks to the practical halo style, you can easily work the real hair into your hairstyle without the extensions visually contrasting with your real hair.

Best human hair quality - Original hairdo from the USA!

Echthaar Farben

R10 Chestnut, R10HH Palest Blonde, R1416T Buttered Toast, R1B True Black, R25 Ginger Blonde, R3HH Dark Brown

Preis beinhaltet 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten


100% menschliches Haar. Keine Füllstoffe. Kein Ersatz.

100% menschliches Haar. Keine Füllstoffe. Kein Ersatz.

The human hair extensions convince all along the line, because they are high quality, carefully processed and look great. This makes them ideally suited to help you fulfill your dream of a long and voluminous mane. The extensions have a length of 58 cm and are available in a wavy and a smooth version. So you can choose the variation that best suits your desired hairstyle. You can also choose from six different hair colors the one that goes best with your own hair color. There is even the option of coloring the extensions in the color of your choice so that they match your hair perfectly. If in doubt, you can get advice from us. Since the extensions are made of 100% real hair, you can be sure that the extensions will not stand out from your real hair in any way.

Since these high-quality extensions are made from real, carefully selected and healthy hair, they can be easily styled just like your own hair just as you want it: whether a great blow dryer hairstyle, straight hair, wild curls or an elaborate braided hairstyle – with these Real hair extensions can be wonderfully implemented every look. You can wash the real hair as well as heat it and use it to blow-dry it, straighten it or style it with a curling iron. Of course, as with your own hair, you should take care of appropriate care and good heat protection, so that the extensions made of real hair will serve you for many years and help you to implement your favorite hairstyles.

Another advantage of the Hairdo extensions is the fact that they are particularly easy to attach. The extensions are kept in the practical halo style, in which the hair is attached to a narrow and transparent band. So you can put on these extensions like a hair band. All you have to do is put the transparent tape around the top hair and then drape the top and side top hair so that the tape is no longer visible. This can be done in just a few minutes and can therefore also be implemented quickly when going out spontaneously. Since the band is very inconspicuous, it is particularly easy to integrate the extensions invisibly into your own hair. Then you can style your hair together with the extensions in a wide variety of ways: Whether a long whale mane, straight hair, corkscrew curls or an elaborate braided hairstyle – thanks to the extensions you gain enough length and volume to implement any desired hairstyle.

Note: The hairpiece is delivered smooth and can be curled by brushing and blow-drying.


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Human hair hair colors
100% human hair. No fillers. No substitute! The hair colors of the human hair extensions by Hairdo: